REI BlackBook Review: How To Get More Out Of REI BlackBook CRM

Ask every large-scale real estate investor and they’ll tell you how utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has helped them significantly grow their business. A CRM is a powerful tool you can leverage so none of your leads will fall through the cracks. 

One of the most highly-rated providers of CRM solutions is REI BlackBook. If you’re considering this CRM for your real estate investing business, read through this review to find out whether they’re really worth the investment.

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What Is REI BlackBook?

What Is REI BlackBook?

REI BlackBook is marketing platform that offers various solutions whether you’re a wholesaler, rehabber, or landlord. Their products include CRM, lead capture websites, marketing automation, business phone system, property pipeline, and property marketing and disposition.

The REI BlackBook marketing company ultimately combines integrated marketing features and contact management for their customers or users.

Their CRM has advanced tagging and segmentation, contact tabs, unlimited custom fields, booking appointments, automatic call capture, built-in 2-way sms, property linking, custom contact tabs, send a ringless voicemail, integration to Facebook lead ads, call logging with detailed notes, and a cloud-based file storage.

REI BlackBook Aims

This web-based platform created by Damon Remy aims to:

  • Help users build a better relationship with your leads and contact list
  • Organize leads
  • Follow up on leads fast
  • Keep users real estate data clean
  • Help users assign tasks to your team
  • Build demand for the users website content
  • Create contact records from the users website leads

How Much Does REI BlackBook Cost? (REI BlackBook Price Review)

How Much Does REI BlackBook Cost?

REI BlackBook offers monthly and yearly plans — Accelerator, Small Business, and Solopreneur. Among all these plans, the most popular is the Small Business. Let’s check out the exact pricing and features included in each plan.

Accelerator Plan

  • $297 per month billed monthly / $248 per month billed annually
  • 20 User Accounts
  • 20 Lead Capture Websites
  • 50,000 Contacts
  • 20 Call Tracking Numbers
  • 100,000 Email Credits
  • 2,000 Text Messages
  • 2,500 Local Minutes
  • 500 Ringless Voicemail

Small Business Plan

  • $197 per month billed monthly / $165 per month billed annually
  • 10 User Accounts
  • 10 Lead Capture Websites
  • 10 Call Tracking Numbers
  • 25,000 Contacts
  • 1,000 Text Messages
  • 1,500 Local Minutes
  • 50,000 Email Credits
  • 250 Ringless Voicemails

Solopreneur Plan

  • $97 per month billed monthly / $81 per month billed annually
  • 1 User Account
  • 1 Lead Capture Websites
  • 1 Call Tracking Numbers
  • 500 Local Minutes
  • 5,000 Email Credits
  • 2,500 Contacts
  • 250 Text Messages

Small Business and Accelerator plan subscribers can get access to a powerful Contact Management (CRM), Lead Converting Websites, Business Phone System, Marketing Automation, and Property Marketing. The two latter features are not available in the Solopreneur.

REI BlackBook offers a free 14-day trial. If you choose to subscribe to any of their annual plans, you’ll get two months free.

Note, however, that when you sign up for a free trial, you need to input your credit card details. If you’re not continuing your subscription and don’t want to be charged, make sure you cancel the free trial on the 14th day.

REI BlackBook’s Features Review

REI BlackBook's Features Review

Since REI BlackBook is an all-in-one CRM, you can expect it to be feature-packed. Here are the best features of REI BlackBook that make it one of the best CRMs for real estate investors.

Contact Tagging and Segmentation

REI BlackBook lets you apply tags manually or automatically to your contacts and conduct filtered searches to find particular lists or types of leads. They also allow lead segmentation.

Contact Tabs

You can build unique Contact Tabs in order to maintain the organization of your real estate contacts and ensure that all your data are clean and segmented.

Unlimited Custom Fields

REI BlackBook understands that each company has unique requirements and so you can create your own CRM custom fields if you choose REI BlackBook.

Automatic Call Capture

Through REI BlackBook, you can create a new contact record whenever a sales call comes in. These are considered highly motivated leads since they called you directly so contacts are automatically created or automatically updated through their number.

Built-in 2-Way Text Messaging

REI BlackBook CRM sends customized text messages directly from your CRM contact record to increase your reach and be more active in follow up, convert more motivated leads, and earn more money.

Property Linking

In order to keep track of lenders, sellers, buyers, contractors, and all your other contacts for real estate, link them to any property in your CRM pipeline.

Call Logging With Detailed Notes

REI BlackBook logs the calls you receive so you or your whole team can continue the conversation where you left off. You can also add notes to each of these contacts so the team follow up would be easy.

Cloud-Based File Storage

Because REI BlackBook has cloud-based file storage, you can attach contracts, pictures, land surveys, leasing agreements, or other documents per each contact. Very useful if you want a comprehensive list.

Property Pipeline

REI BlackBook’s property pipeline can be your virtual filing folder where you can keep real estate contracts, picture, etc., It’s practically an all-in-one storage that you can access anytime.

Marketing & Sales Tools

REI BlackBook’s workflows let you create client experiences that help you increase closed deals. You can also build a lead-nurturing campaign through this tool. Moving contacts is also fairly easy compared to other platforms.

Marketing Campaign Tracing

Throughout the process of closing wholesale deals, stay in touch with your prospects and customers. This is possible through REI BlackBook’s multi-channel nurturing campaigns. They made follow-ups for properties automatic. 

REI BlackBook’s Automation

REI BlackBook can send personalized emails to your contacts as they progress through the real estate investing sales cycle. You may track their progress in relation to the process of your marketing campaigns.

Website and Page Building Tools

REI BlackBook can help you create multiple websites for lead generation. Then, they help you convert website clicks into leads or properties. They also take rental apps directly.

Through and through, REI BlackBook aims to help real estate investors streamline their business processes.

REI BlackBook Pros and Cons

REI BlackBook Pros and Cons

REI BlackBook is without a doubt an advanced CRM for real estate investing. However, it may still not be for every real estate investor. To help you decide whether the REI BlackBook CRM is fit for your business, let’s look closely at its pros and cons.

REI BlackBook Pros

  • This web based platform has impressive lead management.
  • Real estate investors may easily develop targeted ads using REI BlackBook’s advanced filters and personalized tags.
  • If you are already using a CRM or other real estate software, you can integrate REI BlackBook into them using Zapier.
  • Although REI BlackBook CRM doesn’t have an accompanying mobile app, the company offers Profit Dial mobile app that lets you call all your leads straight from your phone. You can download this from Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • REI BlackBook CRM offers a wide range of training materials including in-person workshops, YouTube videos, and live streams.
  • The CRM software also contains an efficient property analyzer that you can use to calculate your profits when purchasing and selling real estate.
  • The platform’s customer support team is very dependable and quick to respond.

REI BlackBook Cons

  • Extra usage of local minutes, text messages, ringless voicemails, and other additional features are paid on top of the monthly fee.

How To Use REI BlackBook

How To Use REI BlackBook

To start using REI BlackBook CRM, you may sign up for a 14-day free trial or sign up for a plan. After your account is created, you can upload your contacts or connect your lead generating websites to the REIBB CRM so all the leads will automatically be uploaded to your REI BlackBook account.

You’ll be able to see on a single screen all the information on your leads. For example, your lead sources, their search activity, and other information. You can then use tags to segment your leads. The entire history of the lead will also be available to you.

To learn more about this, you may check out the demo videos on REI BlackBook’s website (