Dripify Review 2023 : Is it the Best LinkedIn Automation Tool ?

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The internet market these days is rich with software and tools that are designed to allow businesses to boost their lead generation game and eventually dish out more sales and earn higher revenues with the least effort and automation.

Dripify is a mutlifunctional LinkedIn automation tool designed to help you Improve linkedIn leads quality and close more deal, with dripify you can generate lead easily on autopilot mode, Dripify come with advanced algorithim and Inegration option with all major Platform, It is a go for tool for every digital Marketer. Get Started with Dripify Now.

  • - Tutorial videos that are nicely explained
  • - Easy to use Tool
  • - A simple user interface
  • - Advanced algorithm
  • - Cloud-based technology
  • - Autopilot lead Generation
  • - The Data Downloading Options can be improved

Dripify Review 2023: Is it Worth the Hype?

Dripify Review

What is Dripify?

Dripify.io is the industry’s most innovative LinkedIn optimization and lead generation system, allowing you to choose appropriate automated LinkedIn acts, delays, and circumstances to generate LinkedIn prospecting programs.

The platform has been designed to keep Linkedin users in mind, and particularly for those people and businesses who focus a lot on marketing their brand on Linkedin.

It is a powerful LinkedIn automation platform is a multi-purpose tool that can help your marketing department generate more leads and sell more products on autopilot. Dripify ensures that unit leaders can be easily onboarded and also makes sure that LinkedIn planning can be done side by side.

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Who all can benefit from Dripify?

  • Digital marketers
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who intends to churn out more benefits out of their presence on LinkedIn
  • Anyone who is looking for solutions that allows them to close leads faster
  • Anyone who is looking for a reliable automated sales funnels for LinkedIn

Dripify Review 2023: Key features

Dripify Review LinkedIn-Automation-Software

Dripify brings to the table some of the most unique and useful features that will help you take your lead generation game to the next level including advanced analytics with relevant metrics, conversion rates, including team statistics are available.

Dripify’s smart inbox feature allows you to reply to leads rapidly and effortlessly. Leads can be exported to CSV, and there’s a lot more!

  • Automated sales funnel for marketing on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn analytics
  • Export data to CSV files
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • LinkedIn Team management
  • Messenger tool for LinkedIn
  • Well-organized dashboard
  • Integration with over 1000 software tools and extensions
  • Advanced safety algorithm

What Can You do with Dripify?

The LinkedIn automation tool is a multi-purpose tool that helps your sales department boost LinkedIn prospecting and close more deals on automatic pilot.

  • Make Drip Marketing Campaigns

Dripify Review - Creaate Drip Campaign

Create a fully automated sales funnel with Dripify by using a variety of LinkedIn activities, then set delay time, select smart conditions, and increase LinkedIn lead generation.

  • Import Leads

By sorting your intended audience in LinkedIn Search and inserting the URL into the appropriate field in Dripify, you can connect leads to your program. You can also paste the URLs of users’ LinkedIn profiles into your program or import it as a CSV file.

  • Create a Sequence

In your convenient and simple control panel, create your prospecting series by selecting the appropriate LinkedIn actions, setting time delays between them, and selecting prompts.

  • Launch and Summarize

It’s now up to you to make it possible. Check your program settings, choose smart conditions that are acceptable for your prospecting requirements, link Zapier to Google Sheets, Hubspot, or any other apps you have, and start your program.

  • A/B Testing of Campaigns

In various promotions, test groups, link request notices, and message models for seeing which one fits better.

  • Manage teams

Dripify-Review - Manage Teams

With only a few taps, you can onboard your whole sales team, delegate tasks, and track their LinkedIn results – each from your Dripify control panel.

  • Members of the Onboarding Team

Do you want to use Dripify for your coworkers? Invite your coworkers to join your company rapidly and effortlessly by sending them invites. Assigning responsibilities to people. From user to the manager to owner, delegate positions and permissions to your teammates depending on their job roles.

  • Track Performance of Your Team Members

View a comprehensive analytics page for each of your teammates to see a listing of campaigns they’ve developed, as well as key statistics and conversion rates. You can also track their LinkedIn success and account details.

  • Extra Safety Algorithm

Dripify’s innovative safety systems will keep your LinkedIn account stable and safe.

  • Cloud-based performance

Our primary concern is the protection of your LinkedIn path, so Dripify was prepared to facilitate automated LinkedIn actions in the cloud, rendering the software fully protected.

  • Access from a computer with a local IP address

To ensure that all LinkedIn activities are done normally or without raising doubt, get a unique IP address from your local community dedicated to your Dripify account.

  • Simulation of Human Conduct

Dripify’s automated activities involve a mixture of ad impressions and button clicks, which are all followed by occasional delays to make the LinkedIn operation appear manual.

  • Activity Control

Do you want to take extra precautions on LinkedIn? Try action monitor, an innovative safety mechanism that guarantees an exponential increase of your LinkedIn output and can change your regular connecting and communicating limits to prevent your profile from being reported for making major changes by Linkedin.

  • Export to CSV

In only a few taps, transfer LinkedIn contacts to a CSV file with a variety of useful information such as email addresses, contact information, and much more using the Linkedin Scraping Tool.

  • Access Leads Data

In your personalized “Leads” section, you can organize leads by acts undertaken with them, sort by “campaign,” add information, and a lot more.

  • Export Data to CSV file

Dripify-Review- Export to CSV

Save LinkedIn contacts in a CSV file that includes full names, companies, positions, number of links, email addresses, contact information, and site URLs.

  • Analyze

Dripify-Review - Analyze

Display comprehensive LinkedIn details and metrics, such as LinkedIn engagement rate, account usage information, and campaign performance, all from your control center to assess your cumulative LinkedIn results.

  • Keep an eye on the usage statistics on a daily basis

Keep a record of how many LinkedIn activities you complete throughout the day and get instant updates for fresh connection requests, unread lead texts, and profile views.

  • Take note of a recent activity

Do you have any idea what’s going on with your LinkedIn profile? In your primary LinkedIn analytics section, check the timeline of Dripify’s latest LinkedIn activities and keep track of your LinkedIn operation.

  • View Campaign Performance

In your comprehensive LinkedIn study, monitor the effectiveness of your Dripify campaigns, keeping a watchful eye on the invitation acceptance rate, response rate, and other critical factors, and comparing them to the previous time span.

  • Respond to leads

Dripify Review - Respond to Leads

You can monitor your LinkedIn interactions with leads directly from your Dripify control center with an improved LinkedIn messenger.

  • Without quitting Dripify, react to leads

Dripify’s private messenger app facilitates communication with your leads while having to sift through a number of irrelevant messages or sales pitches in your LinkedIn mailbox.

  • Mark a conversation as important

Have you received a critical message from one of your leads? Label this conversion as necessary for convenient access and to keep track of all your highlighted messages.

  • Keep notes in the lead’s profile

Do you need to leave a message on someone’s profile? On Dripify, you can easily add, update, and erase notes on your leads’ profiles with a couple of taps.

  • Integrate with the tools you’re already familiar with

Only with a couple of clicks, Zapier can link Dripify to thousand plus apps like Zoho, Google Sheets, Asana, Hubspot CRM, SalesForce, and much more.

  • To make your LinkedIn account secure, use an advanced algorithm

When a new user signs up for a Dripify free trial version, their profile is identified by a unique IP address from their local community. LinkedIn prospecting with Dripify becoming fully secure and stable, in conjunction with human behavior simulation, cloud-based output, and activity monitoring functions.


????????Get Started With Dripify For $39




How much does Dripify cost?

Dripify Pricing

Dripify currently offers 3 paid subscription plans for users to choose from. The prices of these plans vary as per the threshold limits of several features included in the package. Users have the option to choose between a monthly subscription or an annual subscription to save more!

Here are some quick details of the plans offered by Dripify.

Basic plan

The basic plan is priced at $59 per month when billed monthly and  $39 per month when billed annually.

Features Include :

  • Drip campaigns: One
  • Daily limits: Limited in the monthly plan and Limited Automated actions included in the annual plan
  • Advanced analytics
  • Cloud-based access

Pro version

The Pro version is priced at $79 per month in the monthly plan and $59 per month in the annual plan

Features Include :

  • Unlimited Drip campaigns
  • Daily limits: Full in the monthly plan and Full Automated actions included in the annual plan
  • Personal Inbox
  • Advanced analytics
  • Zapier integration
  • Cloud-based access
  • Leads’ data export into CSV
  • A/B testing campaigns

Advanced version

The advanced plan is priced at $99 per month in the monthly plan and $79 per month in the annual plan

Features Include

  • Unlimited Drip campaigns
  • Daily limits: Full in the monthly plan, Full Automated actions included in the annual plan
  • Personal account manager
  • Advanced analytics
  • Activity control
  • Cloud-based access
  • Team management
  • A/B testing campaigns
  • Personal inbox
  • Leads’ data export into CSV
  • Zapier integration

Dripify Testimonials & User Reviews

Dripify Testimonials



????If we are using LinkedIn for marketing, what’s the right approach?

The most common and successful technique to use LinkedIn for selling is cold lead generation. Dripify has previously built lead generation program models to make the experience simpler for everyone. Easily choose your project, then customize your connection requests and follow-up communications using customized message designs. You can also create a personalized project from zero and use LinkedIn’s auto-follow, automatic post, auto – visit, auto-connect, auto – endorse, and auto – like technologies to build your own personal LinkedIn sales funnel.

????What LinkedIn activities can I use with Dripify to create a sales funnel?

Dripify has a number of benefits that can help with LinkedIn social sales. This helps you save your time and money by automating overall sales methods. You can deliver connection requests and messages in stock, instantly support LinkedIn skills, utilize LinkedIn profile viewer to auto-view accounts, and much more. You can also select prompts and set custom delays across operations to achieve the best sales funnel for your individual business objectives.

????1. Is there really a restriction on how many attachment requests or messages Dripify enables me to send?

LinkedIn can warn your profile of excessive activity if you use LinkedIn mailer software to facilitate LinkedIn messaging or sending many such repetitive connection requests. Dripify, on the other hand, has been one of the best LinkedIn sales approaches for dealing with this situation. Dripify also has regular limitations that are hardcoded. This implies the restrictions are in place by law, but you can change them if you want to. In addition, as part of our advanced program, we have an Activity Management feature. To prevent account deleting, this system ensured that your regular interacting and communicating efficiency improves significantly over time.

????Why is Dripify pricing so low?

Dripify is a reliable solution for small business owners and salespeople who are trying to create a reliable supply of leads for their company via LinkedIn. They have kept our LinkedIn sales solutions cost as low as reasonably achievable, taking into consideration a variety of circumstances but focusing on affordability. Dripify aspires to create their platform as cost-effective as feasible for organizations of all sizes so that every representative of the sales department can use that to generate LinkedIn leads.

????We are a communication company with more than one LinkedIn account that we are using on behalf of the customers. What can we do with them in Dripify?

You will then have to build a new Dripify profile for each of your LinkedIn profiles if you have more than one account. You can accomplish this by creating a new account with another email address. Simply log out and return to the Dripify profile you wish to use to move between both the accounts that you have made.

????Do you have any instructions or guides for using Dripify for LinkedIn?

Dripify’s program has been developed to be very simple and quick to use. Begin a free trial and execute the easy onboarding instructions when asked and see how it works in real life. You will learn more about Dripify for LinkedIn by watching our instructional videos or reading A Complete Guide to Dripify for LinkedIn.

Conclusion: Dripify Review 2023

If you’re looking for leads and uses LinkedIn for lead generation, Dripify should definitely a tool you should try.

Dripify has competitors in the market but lacks the kind of feature dripify offers. I am sure when you will create your own drip campaigns you will find out that the tool has huge potential.

Dripify has easy to use & simple to understand interface, with the best customer support. LinkedIn as a platform with dripify was never so much rewarding earlier.

With the social networking platform gaining utmost importance, Dripify is your go for tool if you are a digital marketer.

Need more reason to get started with Dripigy. Try out yourself.

????????Get Started With Dripify For $39